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Best Blackjack Variations for Adrenalin-Infused Online Gambling

Considering the year we are all having, isn’t it time to inject a bit of F-U-N into online gambling?  There is no better way of doing precisely that than by dabbling in the more thrilling versions of blackjack. 

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Do the Rules in Blackjack Have an Impact on the Payout Rate?

When it comes to game play, blackjack is a straight forward card comparison game.  Dig a little deeper and you’ll discover all sorts of variables that can affect your overall win rate.  The trick is to focus on stuff like the rules and the number of decks in-play as they can influence how much you win or lose at the best online casino in cyberspace!

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The Battle of the Bonus Blackjacks: Match Play 21 vs Super 21

What is the big deal about bonus blackjack?  Truth be told, it is basically 21 on steroids… and that means there is more money to be won right here at the top ranked online casino South Africa.  The problem lies with finding the best bonus blackjack in terms of all the stuff that really counts – odds, edge and payout rate. 

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Why Kiwis Love to Play Blackjack

What defines a New Zealander?  Friendliness, humility and love of the land.  That is in the cultural sense.  When it comes to gambling at the Kiwi online casino, speed, immediate gratification, simplicity and favourable statistics are what drive Maoris and Pakeha to play, play and play.  What casino game best suits Kiwi requirements?  Here is a hint… it isn’t pokies.  So, what is it?

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