Understand Online Roulette

So, you have decided to try this super-exciting casino game which has been enjoyed by players everywhere for the last 300 years? Welcome on board! Whether you're about to play the game for the very first time, or just switching from land-based gambling establishments to playing in the comfort of your own home, know that there are plenty of advantages to playing Roulette online. Did you know that we offer a mobile version to our players who want to be able to play whenever they feel like it? Why not give it a quick try. It's guaranteed that both yourself and your IOSAndroid, Blackberry or Windows device will love it!

First of all, online casinos offer a range of minimum stakes so you can choose the game which suits your bankroll the most. They go as low as R2.00, which is normally significantly lower than you'd be allowed to bet in a „real“ casino. Being allowed to place lower bets means longer playtime. You don't need to worry about putting on a nice shirt or an elegant frock, you can play in your pyjamas if you want! There's no need to show up during the working hours since online casinos are open 24/7. Online games are perfect for beginners, as walking into a brick and mortar casino could be an intimidating experience if you're a newbie. When you play online, nobody can see you and there's no rush to make decisions. You can play at your own pace and take time to consult the rules whenever you want to. And last but not least, online casinos will normally offer you to practice for free before you start investing real cash. It's a no brainer, right? Before you launch a Roulette game online for the first time, take a look at some basic things you should know.

What Can You Bet On?

You might have heard expressions „inside“ and „outside“ bets. So what do they mean? Inside bets are placed within the numbered section of the table and allow you to bet on individual numbers or groups of numbers. These include Straight up (a bet placed on a single number), Split (betting on 2 adjacent numbers), Street (a bet placed on 3 numbers which are in a row), Corner bet (a bet placed in the middle of 4 adjoining numbers), and Line (betting on 6 numbers simultaneously by placing your chips between two rows of 3 numbers). Outside bets are placed outside of the numbered area and include Red and Black, Odd and Even, High and Low (betting either on numbers 1-18 or 19-36), Column (betting on 12 numbers) and Dozens. A "Low" dozen is won if the ball lands on numbers 1-12, a "Middle" dozen wins if a number between 13 and 24 comes in, and a "High" dozen wins when the ball stops on any number between 25 and 36.

Three Main Roulette Versions

Wherever you play, you're bound to come across European, French and American Roulette. There are a couple of differences between them, other than the name, and no, it does not depend on which country you're playing in. The main difference between European and American Roulette is in the wheel. More specifically, the first comes with numbers 1 to 36 plus a single zero, whereas the second displays identical numbers, single zero slot AND a double zero slot. French Roulette, on the other hand, plays with the same wheel as European, but pays differently when the ball lands on zero. In French Roulette, if you bet on High/Low, Red/Black or Odd/Even and zero wins, you only lose half your bet instead of the whole amount.

What are the Odds?

When betting on individual numbers in European Roulette, you've got 1 in 37 chance of winning, and if you do win, the bet will pay 35:1. Same wager in American Roulette comes with odds of 1:38 and same payouts as the European version. Your odds will, naturally, improve as you bet on more numbers simultaneously, ranging from 1:18.5 for Split bet and up to 1:2.06 for Red/Black, Even/Odd and High/Low bets. At the same time, payouts decrease proportionally. If you're new to the game, you might want to start placing higher odds bets, prolonging your playtime and giving yourself a chance to get a feel for the game.

The Gameplay

When playing an instant game, meaning there is no live dealer, all you need to do is place your bet(s) by choosing a chip denomination and selecting an area of the roulette table to place a bet on, and then click the Spin button. The wheel will spin, and once the ball settles into one of the slots, you'll either receive your win or frown as your stake disappears from the table. In either case, you can choose to repeat the bet once again, or place a different one. Paytable button allows you to see bet names, payouts and maximum bets allowed per type, depending on the table limit used.
When playing at Springbok, you can also join a Multiplayer game and place bets alongside other players. You'll be prompted to choose your alias and avatar, put your chips on the table, and play while observing the performance of your fellow gamers. During this kind of game, all bets must be placed within a time limit, and when the countdown timer reaches zero, game starts. This is also a great opportunity to learn from other people's successes and failures, and adapt your strategy accordingly.

There you go, you're now fully equipped to give online Roulette a try. Test various opportunities this exciting game offers, manage your bankroll carefully, and most important of all, have fun!