Video Poker

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Does the D’Alembert Betting System Work in the Context of Video Poker?

How do you maximise the win rate when you play online casino games at Springbok Casino?  By implementing strategies and systems that are designed to do exactly that.  Optimal game strategies are the key to the reasonably high success rate associated with the video poker genre - but can the D’Alembert betting system improve on that?

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Is Playing Multi-Hand Jacks or Better a Smart Idea?

Multi-hand Jacks or Better happens to be trending right now at Springbok Mobile Casino South Africa.  What is driving this trend can be any number of things.  It could be something to do with the adrenalin rush that comes with playing three, ten or even 52 poker hands at the same time.  Or it could be a tactic - like casting the net wider in the hopes of snapping up lots of juicy payouts.  The question is are the players onto something… or not?

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Why Video Poker Tops the Mobile Casino Experience

Finding a casino game that is optimally designed for the mobile casino South Africa is the first step for the inveterate gambler. Anybody who really loves to gamble wants to be able to put money on the outcome of the cards, dice, reels and wheel whenever they have a spare moment in the day… and that means they need a portable platform. Now’s your chance to find out exactly why video poker offers the best mobile casino UX.

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What are the Low Edge Casino Games in the Video Poker Category?

If you are bit of a gambling whizz, you will know the low edge casino games are what you should be playing.  What is pleasing for South Africans who enjoy the quick turnover of draw poker is the fact that the video poker variants, available right here at Springbok Online Casino, are like solid gold.  What do we mean by that?  Well, if you know how to pick your casino games and you have the respective optimal gaming strategies down pat, you can bank on a good few payouts in hard cash.  

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