Video Poker

Keep a cool face with these handy tips!

How To Play and Win at Video Poker

Have you ever played Video Poker and trusted your luck to deliver? If so, you're one of many gamers out there who do the same. While it might occasionally seem that your instincts or sixth sense help you win, playing VP without a strategy is never profitable in the long run.

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Video Poker for Beginners

If you’re not an expert poker player, or have yet to try the game, Video Poker is an excellent starting point. It’s quite easy to learn and comes without distractions in the form of a dealer or other players. Actually, once you’ve got the basics, you might even decide to stick with it for a bit longer. You see, Video Poker is not just for beginners. Many seasoned gamers still play it loyally and even choose it over the respective table game and live ones. There is a reason for this! When using the right strategy, this game can deliver better odds than most of the other ones you’ll find online. Before you decide to commit long term, however, check out our Video Poker for Beginners guide, learn the basics and give it a go. 

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Tips for Playing Video Poker Online

Having entered casinos in the 70's, video poker has become a hugely popular skill-based game which offers the possibility of large wins. Using the right strategy to make correct decisions will provide better odds of winning than almost any other game you'll find at an online gaming venue. It's easy to play and numerous varieties available make sure you'll find one that will match your skill level, bankroll and preferences to a t. Springbok members get to pick among more basic and simple games such as Jacks or Better, but also a number of exciting game forms which include Bonus Deuces Wild, Double Double Bonus, Mystery Bonus and Pick 'em Poker. To help you enjoy them as much as possible, we've compiled a list of tips; implementing them will significantly increase your chances of walking away a winner.

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