Video Poker

Keep a cool face with these handy tips!

Can I Become a Professional Video Poker Player?

We have explained in past articles that video poker is the single game at an online casino that has the return top player rate closest to 100%.  The difference between winning at video poker and losing is usually a combination of mistakes players make plus a run of some bad luck.  If you make the correct play all the time and have a run of some good luck, you will indeed win at video poker more often than you’ll lose.

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Video Poker is a Great Teacher and It’s Fun, Too!

One of the top reasons many players like to play video poker here at Springbok Casino is that it involves no bluffing.  There are a lot of poker fans who enjoy watching YouTube videos of poker but if they then try to practice on their own, they have no idea what the opponents might have if they can’t see the cards.

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Video Poker Best Strategy Evens the Odds

In this tips blog we’ll talk about some common situation that come up in video poker.  We’ll explain our recommendations for your action on the draw.  In addition to giving tips on all our games, we allow unlimited free play so you can improve your playing skill at no cost and, for new players, Springbok Online Casino is your go-to no deposit casino.  Our no deposit bonus gives you essentially free play with the chance to win some money on the house.

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Five Reasons to Play Jacks or Better Video Poker?

A lot of our players understand by now that video poker actually has the best return to player rate of any game at Springbok Online Casino.  That doesn’t mean that the return to player rate is a lot lower in other games.  Slots return about 97% and blackjack returns about 98%.  Slots are a game of pure chance so you really don’t have any way to increase your chances of winning. That’s why we always say that slots are a pure form of entertainment with a betting side to them.  The emphasis is always on fun.

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