Video Poker

Keep a cool face with these handy tips!

Learn Video Poker Strategy from the Bottom Up

A lot of video poker players continue to play with hunches or off the top of their heads instead of using the best video poker strategy.  The reason is very simple: the best video poker strategy seems extremely complex as it has over 30 different hands to draw toward.

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When Is it Really Better to Give Up a Winning Hand in Video Poker?

The two games that new players at Springbok casino play with their Springbok Casino no deposit bonus are pokies and video poker.  As we all know, there is really no strategy for success in pokies; we play them for the vicarious thrills and for the chance to score a big win through great good luck!

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Our Best Video Poker Tips in Review

We have covered many excellent tips for making video poker more profitable in many articles so we have decided to bring as many of these tips together in one review article.

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How to Use Multi-hand Video Poker to Your Advantage

Video poker is now one of the most popular games here at Springbok Casino.  We have spoken in several articles about how it is possible for video poker players to even the odds with the house or even get a slight advantage over the house with correct play.

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