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Video Poker and Casino Gaming are a Lot More than Just Strategy

After we discussed the advanced gaming strategy for video poker in depth, we understood that strategy charts are not all there is to having success playing video poker.  In this article, we will present a few good pieces of advice that go beyond the strategy chart and are as important to your pleasure playing video poker as is the proper use of the advanced strategy chart.

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Progressive Roulette” Identified as a Possible Scam

After a Canadian couple got scammed in a no deposit casino bonus scam game of “progressive roulette,” authorities are warning online casino and land-based players around the world to play only at regulated land-based and online casino sites - like here, at Springbok. 

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New Slots Hit the Casino this Spring

There are plenty of new games this spring at Real Time Gaming online casino sites. The newest games offer something for everyone – thrills, excitement, themed gaming entertainment and real money prizes.

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Our Video Poker Tutorial for Optimal Strategy in Jacks or Better part 3

We are close to reaching the most powerful hands in video poker.  First we need to go over the two hands: four to an inside straight and four to an outside straight.  Four to an inside straight is a weaker hand because there are only four cards that can make the straight.   But four to an inside straight with four high cards is obviously better than the same hand but with only three high cards.

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