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Slots Tips that Will Bring a Smile to Your Face

Slots are one of the most popular online games, casino or otherwise.  Since most people play slots for money, there are many sites that list tips for winning at slots.  In this blog, we’ll debunk some common slots myths and give you a few excellent tips for playing slots correctly and possibly profitably.

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Deuces Wild Video Poker Strategy Tips

After slots, the most popular online casino game is video poker. What seems like a straightforward game, actually has many nuances. One such nuance is deuces wild. Here are a few tips.

Video poker is a digital form of draw poker, in which the general rule is that you can draw up to three cards, four cards if you have an ace, but never five cards. In video poker, you can draw up to five cards so your strategy must be revised to reflect this rule change.

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Best and Worst Starting Hands in Hold'em Poker

When a game of Hold'em Poker begins, you'll be dealt 2 cards to start with. The starting hand will fall into one of the following categories: pairs, suited connectors (such as Jack and Queen of hearts, or 6 and 7 of clubs), connecting cards (like 10 of diamonds and 9 of spades), suited unconnected cards, or non-suited unconnected cards. It's important to understand how they rank in terms of the potential, because that's what should influence your decision on whether to hold'em or fold them. 

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Top 5 Most Common Blackjack Mistakes

Winning or losing at casino games is always a matter of luck, no matter which one you play. However, some of them offer a chance to significantly decrease house edge by using correct strategy, while making wrong moves can cost you more than a few bucks. All that is true for Blackjack, which is why we’ve listed top 5 most common mistakes one should avoid in order to benefit both short and long term. 

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