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How to Make More Money Playing Roulette Online

When you play roulette online, the odds are inherently against you.  The reason?  Casino roulette is like slots, craps and keno.  The outcome is a lottery.  That does not mean you can’t win money.  You can… but only if you play smart – and we’ll tell you how to play roulette online and win!

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Fun Facts About Video Poker

Fact-based gaming can help you win money when playing at an online casino in South Africa.  That means more dop and vleis for the shishanyama!  Combine know-how with ZAR casino bonuses and anything is possible… even a sho’t left to the Maldives!

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Should You Hold a High Card or Low Pair in Online Video Poker?

The high card versus low pair debate is a key conundrum at our online casino South Africa.  When you are dealt both options to the same hand in video poker, which is the best play?  Do you hold the potentially powerful face card… or do you settle for the lowly pair instead?

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Why the French Version of Online Roulette is Best

A key feature of the online casino is the wide selection of games.  No physical boundaries exist and ‘floor space’ is limitless.  As such, classic casino games, like roulette, are available in multiple variations – but one variation stands out…  and it is French Roulette!

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