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Science Shows that Slots Keeps Our Minds Young and Supple

Online gamers simply love slots.  At Springbok Online Casino we know that very well.  That’s why we provide so many super slots for your online casino gaming pleasure.  We constantly hear about the different themes in slots: why are there so many themes; why are some themes used again and again; and is there a slots theme that is better to play from the standpoint of winning  a lot of cash?

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7 Important Tips for Managing your Slots Bankroll

We think of ourselves as the primary online casino for South Africa.  We see ourselves as far more than just an online casino.  As you know, we also feature South Africa in the travel section at the bottom of the home page.  We also run this series of articles in which we give you good gambling and gaming tips.

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Is it a Good Idea to Bet the Max in Slots?

Everyone knows that there are no sure fire tricks to winning at slots.  However, there are some strategic actions you can take to maximize your chances to win a little whilst you’re enjoying all the great slots on offer here at Springbok Online Casino.

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Tips on Managing Your Money in View of Slots Variance

There is a term that people who write about and review slots use from time to time: variance.  Most slots players don’t fully understand the term so in this article we will explain variance and show you how to use it to your advantage here at Springbok Online Casino.

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