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Classic vs Video Slots: Which Should You Play on a Limited Budget?

Many players, (especially less experienced ones), would suggest that you play classic slots if you can only afford to invest small amounts. The logic behind it is that 3-reel games cost less per spin than those featuring 5 reels (or more) and multiple paylines, therefore offering more play time on the same budget. Let’s take a look at the most common differences between the two, and try to help you decide which slot type to choose when playing with a fairly modest bankroll.

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Online Casino Bonuses Explained

One of the great perks of playing casino games online is being able to benefit from numerous promotional deals. One way or another, you are being offered to play (and potentially earn money) by using someone else's cash. Great, right? But before you accept such a gift, make sure you understand how you can use it, what can be won, and under which conditions. We invite you to give our mobile online casino a shot and experience even more reasons why we are South Africa's #1! We accommodate all Android, IOS, Blackberry and Windows users.

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Tips for Playing High Variance Slots

First of all, are you familiar with the term variance? When it comes to slots, the word “variance” basically means “risk”. It has nothing to do with the expected payout, as slots with 93% RTP can be both low and high risk games, it's the same as those reporting 97% return to players. While RTP gives information on the percentage of wagered cash the machine will pay back (over a longer period of time), variance actually describes HOW the game pays you. To put it simply: a low variance slot will pay decent wins more often but will not offer large jackpots, while a high variance game will deliver small or no wins most of the time and huge amounts occasionally. 

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Best Strategy for Playing Progressive Slots

Who among us hasn’t yet dreamed of hitting a progressive jackpot and seeing our lives turn upside down? In a good way, of course! While playing regular slots can also provide substantial wins, 6+ figure jackpot values often cause an immediate adrenaline rush and “what if” thoughts that prompt us to give them a spin. It’s no secret that the chances of actually winning it are incredibly small. Still, other players have managed to collect, so there’s no real reason it couldn’t happen to you, right? 

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