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Play December Slots with Springbok Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

The rush of December is here. Step out of the shopping craze when you sit back and relax with some December-themed online slots including Springbok casino no deposit bonus codes.

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AI and Casino Slots

AI -- Artificial Intelligence -- is now a part of almost every sphere of our society.  AI technology has the potential to change our lives through empowering people to automate processes via machine learning. 

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Move by UK Legislators to Legislate Max New Zealand Online Casino Slots Bets

Following a statement by senior Conservative MP Iain Duncan Smith who declared that it’s “outrageous” that the UK has no maximum stakes on online slots, a group of British politicians is proposing an overhaul of the country’s laws regarding New Zealand online casino gambling, including legislation that would cap max bets on slot machines at £2. 

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New Fall Slots at the Mobile Casino South Africa Springbok Now Online!

The Mobile Casino South Africa has brought in some of the best slots yet for gaming aficionados’ autumn gaming entertainment. The Springbok games offer a wide range of challenges and options for entertainment with both high-scoring and low-scoring symbols, differing types of paylines, varying options for interactive engagement and more. 

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