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Are French Bets in Roulette the Best Bets at the Online Casino?

If you want to enhance how often and how much you win playing roulette at the online casino, here’s a hot tip for you.  Forget about the inside bets and focus on those weird sounding bets on the oval layout instead!  Why?  They are fixed combination bets that cover large sections of the wheel. 

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5 Top Tips for Online Roulette Beginners

Online roulette may be a game of chance but if you play cerebrally, you can bump up the balance in your online casino account… albeit sporadically and ever so slightly!  Here are few best practice roulette tips for beginners to set on the path to moderate success!

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How to Lower the Edge in Blackjack

By now you are probably aware that Blackjack has the lowest edge at an online casino South Arica.  That’s awesome – but did you know that there are ways and means of lowering the edge even further?  Here is what you need to know about winning more frequently when you play Blackjack at Springbok Online Casino!

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How to Choose a Great Online Slot

We all know online gambling provides premium entertainment but did you know it can be lucrative too?  The trick is to choose the best casino games in terms of the probability and frequency of wins.  When it comes to online slots, that means assessing a host of variables – and we delve into them right here.

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