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Tales of the Online Casino: The $35m Record Roulette Win

Courage, crassness and all-out chicanery is all it takes to break the bank.  That is how the most audacious fraudster of his time brought Monte Carlo Casino to its knees.  Did Charles De Ville Wells have a roulette strategy or betting system in-play?  That is for you to find out!

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Top Tips for Playing Soft 19 in Blackjack

Soft 19 is one of the more ambiguous hands in blackjack.  Based on the make-up of the hand, it can count as nine or 19.  That leaves players in a bit of conundrum.  Is the best strategy to stand, hit or double down?  We provide some clarity on the hand least spoken about!

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We Answer a Burning Question: Are Online Slot Games Rigged?

Some people question the reliability of casino games.  They might even say that results are manipulated to favour the casino.  Others claim that slots are programmed to pay out low value wins.  In rare instances, there may be some truth to the allegations… so how do we separate conjecture from fact?

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Are Roulette Prediction Apps Effective Online?

What do online slots and online roulette have in common?  They are games of fortune.  Even so, there is a growing number of software applications that can predict the future outcomes of roulette with 100% accuracy… or so they claim.  Is there any truth to these assertions?

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