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Best Slots Playing Tips for Beginners

What are the most popular games at our mobile casino South Africa?  Slots… lots and lots of lovely slots.  At Springbok Casino we feature more than 200 unique titles in a range of reel and payline configurations.  Although you don’t need to learn a strategy or even exhibit basic gambling skills to play slots, there are a few factors to consider before you hit the bet button. 

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Is it a Smart Strategy to Play the Double Feature in Video Poker?

The double feature in video poker can be advantageous.  The key is to know exactly when to take the gamble and that essentially applies to all bets on all online casino games.  Although we all know boosting the payouts at the online casino is thrilling, there are a few facts and figures you should be aware of before you hit the ‘yes’ button.

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The Multi-Bet Inverse Roulette Betting System

What is the betting mantra in roulette?  Cover as much of the layout with casino chips.  At Springbok Mobile Casino South Africa, we will show you how to hedge your bets and keep your account ticking over.  It’s a contrary kind of system that involves betting for - or against - your chosen number… or numbers!  If that has evoked a ‘huh’… you are not alone!

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Why 3 Reel Slots are Red-Hot

Classic slots may be a bit too retro for some as far as graphics go… but they are some of the most lucrative casino games around.  They are the kind of games where every spin of the reels count.  If you are intent on making money at Springbok Casino, rather than being blow away by the themes, animations and sophisticated game play of the 5 reel titles, now is the time to find out why classic slots are red-hot!

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