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Witch Chronicles: Facts About Wicked Bewitching Characters in RTG Slots

From Hogwarts and Greendale to our very own Kiwi online casino, witches are omnipresent.  Once considered the devil’s cohorts, our Wicca practicing friends have been sanitised, serialised and re-imagined as seductresses and super-heroines.  Now when you hit the slots tab at Springbok Casino you will find a coven of casino games that offer bewitching big wins… so why not find out more about the title characters?

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Understanding Probability in Video Poker

Video poker is an awesome gambling opportunity on so many fronts.  It has a low edge, high average payout rate and in some cases, extra ways to win.  Learn how to play the game perfectly and you can manipulate the odds and maximise the returns.  The trick to leveraging video poker at our mobile casino South Africa is to understand the probabilities that determine the odds... and adapt your play accordingly! 

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How to Play the Hard 16 in Blackjack and Minimise Losses?

In Blackjack a hard 16 is not for the faint hearted.  It is the kind of hand that is neither here nor there.  As a points total, it is not high enough to prompt players to stand.  Yet it is not low enough to automatically elicit a hit.  Hard 16 lives in a grey zone perilously close to the bust barrier… so what is the best way to play the hand at the online casino South Africa?  With care, cunning and luck!

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Lady Poker Casino Games Pros

It wasn’t too long ago when 99% of online casino poker pros were male. Today, that percentage is probably about 90%. At any tournament table of ten players, you’ll usually see one woman. More and more women are choosing to enter the poker circuit but they face challenges and barriers.

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