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Why 3 Reel Slots are Red-Hot

Classic slots may be a bit too retro for some as far as graphics go… but they are some of the most lucrative casino games around.  They are the kind of games where every spin of the reels count.  If you are intent on making money at Springbok Casino, rather than being blow away by the themes, animations and sophisticated game play of the 5 reel titles, now is the time to find out why classic slots are red-hot!

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Best Kept Secrets: Column Betting Systems in Roulette

Roulette is the kind of game that is tailor made for our top ranked mobile casino South Africa.  Along with clean graphics and tap-to-bet functionality, there is zoom-in imagery displaying exactly where the ball lands on the wheel.  Factor in our super-cool column betting systems and one thing is for sure – there is money to be made playing roulette online at Springbok Casino… and we are willing to share our secrets with you!

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Why a Pair is a Powerful Hand in Video Poker

When it comes to video poker, or any poker online casino games (as the hand rankings are the same), the best possible outcome you’re probably thinking of is achieving a Royal Flush.  This is a hand that comprises a 10, Jack, Queen, King and an Ace – all of the same suit.  With odds of 649,740:1, however, the probability of this happening is rather slim.  Sometimes it’s better to aim lower and have higher chances of winning, which is why we’re going to have a look at why a pair can be a powerful hand in video poker.

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How to Find the Best Casino Games in the Slots Category

It takes a little more than guesswork to find the best casino games in terms of payouts and bonus features.  Ideally you want to play the slots - and video poker and table games - that offer a veritable treasure trove of opportunities.  At Springbok Casino we will show you how to find the information you need to make the smart choice.  When you do that, there is a better than average chance you will win more frequently than most.

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